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Xenesy Project


Time management

Time is what human beings fear the most. You will discover all its secrets and possibilities.

In 5 steps, you will learn to proscribe or favor simple time habits to gain in organization and adaptation.

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Self defense

Discover the vision of an instructor and practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts for over 25 years!

Start your Self Defense program with these 4 fundamental steps to evolve, to feel safer and to acquire an essential adaptability in case of aggression, be it physical and/or psychological

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Chinese martial arts

Jonathan BARDON, practicing Chinese Martial Arts since he was a child, delivers his martial vision and the truth about these ancestral arts from the East.

Discover his martial path and all the benefits of practicing in everyday life and especially in all areas of life.

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increase its profitability

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or an independent professional, increasing your profitability is essential to ensure the growth and sustainability of your business.

Our mini-training will provide you with the knowledge and strategies you need to optimize your income and maximize your financial success.

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stress management

Modern life is often synonymous with constant stress.

Work demands, family responsibilities and social pressures can quickly build up, causing our physical and mental well-being to deteriorate.

However, it is possible to learn how to manage stress effectively and regain balance in our lives.

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lose weight

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and promises of quick weight loss that don't deliver? Would you like to take a holistic and scientifically proven approach to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the long term? Then our weight loss mini-training is for you!

Our program is designed by nutrition and fitness experts who have extensive experience in the field of weight loss.

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manage a family portfolio

This comprehensive mini-training is designed to help you make informed financial decisions and optimize the management of your personal and family investments.

Don't miss this opportunity to develop your family portfolio management skills and improve your financial decisions. Take control of your financial future!

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public speaking

The ability to speak in public in a confident and convincing manner is an essential skill in many areas of professional and personal life.

Whether you are a business executive, a professional, a student or simply someone who wants to improve your communication skills, our mini-training course offers you the tools and techniques you need to express yourself with ease in front of an audience.

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recovery from burnout

Burnout is a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that can have a devastating impact on all aspects of your life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and overtaken by professional or personal stress, our mini-training offers you the tools and resources to get back on your feet and find a state of well-being.

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