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Xenesy Project



Discover the spirit of the financial markets, economic announcements, and technical analysis!

In this course we will show you the essential points to study and understand a chart as well as the study of your psychological situation in relation to the financial markets.

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The Kinkō Hyō ichimoku is a very powerful (not just) trend indicator! At a glance we can see the general trend of the market. (and those even disregarding the candlesticks)

In this training we will see its complete use! From the general trend to the lateral drifts. The possibilities of the ichimoku are multiple and its interpretation can be dangerous when we are not prepared.

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Japanese candlesticks are the most widely used market visualization in the world. This offers us powerful possibilities when their reading is well understood.

In this course, you will learn how to avoid false signals and find better entry timing to reduce your risk versus reward. How to anticipate signals.

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This program has been designed to address the most common and recurring condition issues.

This training follows the evolution of the human being and his or her own knowledge in all its physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects.

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Stop looking for the miracle organization with generalized methods. Create YOUR ORGANIZATION.

In this training, we will tree the different types of organization.

The objective is to help you see more clearly and create your personal organization in relation to your life, your needs, your desires and your possibilities according to your current situation.

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Mental Intelligence

The ideal course for developing psychological awareness.

In this training, we will explore the different facets of the human being in order to increase our own understanding.

Freedom, field of vision, emotions... What awaits us? 


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