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Our portfolio management service offers you a unique opportunity to achieve exceptional returns while protecting your initial capital.

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Take advantage of our professional and personalized services to maximize your investments and reach your financial goals.

Our team of portfolio management experts has extensive experience in the financial industry. We combine a rigorous analytical approach with in-depth market knowledge to make informed and strategic decisions about your investments.

Let our experienced team take care of your portfolio, while you focus on the other important aspects of your life.


Up to 500% per year

We guarantee an annual return of at least 250% and up to 500% on your initial investment.

We offer you the possibility of multiplying your capital up to 5 times, in 12 months, starting from a minimum amount of 5000$.

Securing your capital

The security of your capital is of paramount importance to us. That's why we offer you an exceptional guarantee:

From the fifth month onwards, your capital is preserved and placed in a special portfolio, similar to a safe, which protects it from market fluctuations. So you can invest with confidence, knowing that your money is safe and that we are committed to preserving your assets.

An exclusive opportunity

To guarantee superior service, we limit this offer to just 10 contracts. This approach enables us to devote our full attention to each customer and offer them personalized care.

The minimum investment required is 5,000 $, while the maximum is 20,000 $.

These strict limits enable us to manage your portfolio efficiently and in a targeted manner, offering you preferential treatment.

Over 10 years' experience

We are proud of our solid track record of over 10 years' experience in the foreign exchange markets.

Our team of experts has the expertise to successfully navigate this complex field. We have developed winning strategies and sophisticated methods to help you maximize your financial opportunities.

Our in-depth experience enables us to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional returns.

A human approach for real results

Unlike many other market players, we do not use any trading bot. Our approach to portfolio management is based entirely on human expertise and in-depth market analysis.

This means you can have complete confidence in our decisions and enjoy a reliable, transparent trading experience.

Investment period
12 months
Investment capital
from 5 000$ to 20 000$
financial performance
from 250% to 500%
securing your capital
From 5 months
Number of contracts
Limited to 10 only


To start taking advantage of our service, book an appointment now and complete our questionnaire to validate your request.
After analyzing your needs and our possibilities, we will explain to you in detail and with total transparency the financing method selected by our experts to increase your capital.
Once all the conditions have been met by you and our team, we sign a contract to help your financial assets grow.

Your back office for tracking your investment

Get your virtual member card with your login and password for confidential and secure access.

Find all your investment details: capital invested, investment start date, capital safety date, completion date, etc...

Check the profitability of your investment at any time, thanks to our monthly updates of your investment tracking chart.

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cash safe card

Our safe

We use cryptocurrency wallets designed without electronics with the BIP38 standard for state-of-the-art security.

It's the self-custodial cryptographic storage solution that allows us to independently protect your own assets, as each piece is under our exclusive control.

We guarantee the safety of your capital from the 5th month by storing it in our USDT wallet.

Questions / Answers

How much money can I invest?

To benefit from our portfolio management service, the minimum investment capital is 5,000$ and the maximum capital is 20,000$.

What is the term of the investment contract?

The contract provides for a 12-month investment period.

Does my money stay frozen for the entire investment period?

Yes, your invested capital is locked in for the duration of the contract. However, we guarantee to secure your capital from the 5th month by placing it in a portfolio similar to a safe.

From which month is my capital secure?

Your invested capital is secured from the 5th month. We place it in a specific portfolio to protect it from market fluctuations.

what is the rate of return?

The minimum rate of return is 250%, but depending on the results of our traders, the rate of return can reach 500%. 

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by filling in the contact form below or by e-mail: for a request for information.

If you would like to start your investment process with us, you can make an appointment directly with us.

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