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Xenesy Project




The Kinkō Hyō ichimoku is a very powerful (not just) trend indicator! At a glance, we can see the general trend of the market. (and those even disregarding the candlesticks)

In this training we will see its complete use! From the general trend to the lateral drifts. The possibilities of the Ichimoku are multiple and its interpretation can be dangerous when we are not prepared for it.

Each component of this indicator has a specific use. We will see their use alone and as a whole to be able to understand, secure its gains and take set ups in swing with a minimal risk ratio. This also gives additional confirmation of entries. (continuation, reversal, drift...)

Our Ichimoku training course is led by an experienced trading professional with in-depth knowledge of this indicator and its practical application in the financial markets. He will guide you through the entire learning process.