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Financial markets training


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Plunge into the heart of the financial universe and transform your life with "Maîtrise Totale du Trading", the reference course in the French-speaking world that will propel you towards absolute financial success. Designed by seasoned experts and trading professionals, this comprehensive course goes far beyond the basics of the stock market.

What you'll learn:

    • Introduction to Training
    • Presentation of the equipment used
    • Preliminary Comprehension Exercise
    • Understanding Common Errors
    • Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Trading Sessions Explores in detail Contracts for Difference (CFDs) as financial instruments, as well as the different trading sessions. Understanding these concepts is essential for informed decision-making and successful market navigation.
    • Creating a Trading Account A detailed guide takes you through the process of setting up a trading account, highlighting important considerations.
    • The different trading methods This section explores different trading methods, from day trading to long-term investing.
    • Comprehension Exercise: Application of Initial Concepts Consolidate your knowledge by applying the initial concepts to practical exercises. This exercise reinforces your understanding and prepares you to integrate these concepts in a concrete way into your future trading.
    • The Importance of Analysis This section highlights the crucial importance of analysis in the trading decision-making process. You'll see why analysis is a fundamental tool for assessing market opportunities and risks.
    • The Basics of Technical Analysis Explores the fundamentals of technical analysis, providing you with an essential skill set for interpreting charts and identifying market trends.
    • Support and Resistance This section focuses on understanding support and resistance levels, key concepts for assessing potential entry and exit points in a position.
    • Japanese candlesticks Dive into the study of Japanese candlesticks, a graphical method that offers a detailed perspective on price movements and market sentiment.
    • Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) Understand risk management through Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) orders, crucial tools for securing gains and limiting losses.
    • Consolidation and capital gains Explore market consolidation and capital gains management, essential concepts for adapting your approach to different market conditions.
    • Practical Exercises on Analysis The section concludes with practical exercises, enabling you to apply the knowledge you have acquired in practice.
    • In-depth understanding of Money Management
    • Investment approach Discover different investment approaches tailored to your risk profile and financial goals.
    • Impact of Economic Indicators Explore how economic indicators influence financial markets.
    • Introduction to Indicators This section provides an in-depth overview of technical indicators.
    • Relative Strength Index (RSI) The RSI is examined in detail, providing an in-depth understanding of this widely used indicator.
    • Arithmetic Moving Average (MMA) Explore the Arithmetic Moving Average (MMA) and understand how it is used to smooth price data, providing a clearer perspective on market trends. You'll be able to use this indicator to identify general market directions.
    • Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) The Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) is introduced as a composite indicator. You'll understand how it combines several tools to offer a more comprehensive analysis of market conditions. This section will teach you how to interpret the components of the TDI to make informed trading decisions.
    • GAP, Double Bottom (DB), Triple Bottom (TB), Double Top (DT), Triple Top (TT), Rounding & V, Triangle studies This section explores a variety of chartist figures...
    • Trend broadening and confirmation (CT) Deepen your understanding of the concepts of trend broadening and trend confirmation.
    • Practical Indicator Application Exercises
    • Psychological levels This section looks at psychological bearings and how they can influence trading decisions.
    • Money Management in Trading Explores the basic principles of money management in trading.
    • Bonus: Advanced Trading Psychology Tips
    • and many other surprises await you!

What you will receive :

  • Dynamic, interactive video modules.
  • Exclusive resources and reference tools.
  • Exercises corrected manually by our experts
  • Ongoing updates to keep pace with market developments.
  • Financial markets training booklet
  • Access to the coaching module


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