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Creation & support

COM SUPPORT, packaging & labelsAccentuate your identity with specially designed and thought-out materials.

logo design graphic design service xenesy

Your dream at the heart of creation


High precision expertise


Reflecting the trend and the brand

communication support services
packaging & labeling

The art of communication to print or digitalize!
Wrap up your customers!
  • Flyer & Leaflet
  • Event poster
  • Brochure & Catalog
  • Book cover
  • Business card
  • Administrative document
  • Restaurant Menu & Carte
  • Greeting cards & Announcements
  • Packaging & Product labels

Opting for a print medium is the ideal choice to best reflect your brand image and professionalism.

  • Layout & Web Design
  • Feed Instagram
  • Ebook cover
  • Flipbook layout
  • Web banner
  • Billboard advertising
  • Email signature
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Product mockup

Digital media have become THE way to get your message across and increase your chances of being seen.

creative process

Creative brief
DELIVERY of files


graphic designer xenesy graphics art director audrey tisserand


AUDREY TISSERANDAs a brand creator and graphic design expert for the past 4 years, I combine art and technology to bring your ideas to life.

Artistic Director at Xenesy, I'm in charge of more than 200 graphic projects, including several websites, logos and print & web communication media.

Discover our communication support services

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Questions / Answers

How much does the visual design of a communication / packaging medium cost?

The price of the visual design of a communication / packaging medium will depend mainly on the format, functionalities and time required to create it. To assess your budget, fill in our contact form and get a free, no-obligation quote.

How long does it take to provide communication support / packaging?

Depending on the format of the communication / packaging medium and the functionalities you require, the design time will vary enormously. What's more, the stages follow one another more or less quickly, depending on your feedback. So if you're responsive and there are few modifications, it can go very fast!

Can we work remotely?

Yes, in addition to being very flexible in terms of means of communication, I automatically set up a participative system of remote work to facilitate the transmission of information.

What if my media is not listed?

My list of support is exhaustive, do not hesitate to contact me to talk about your project.

How is the printing going?

Printing is not included in media creation.

Don't hesitate to contact me about your project.

Is it possible to create the content of my communication / packaging material?

Absolutely, we can add this option to the quote for the creation of your communication media or packaging.

We'd be delighted to hear from you. 

Content can be textual and/or visual, and together we'll determine the nature of your needs and the resources required. 

Is it possible to work without a logo and/or graphic charter?

For certain media, it's absolutely essential to have an existing logo and graphic charter.

For others, it's a good idea to have at least one existing logo for the creation of your communication support, at the risk of not being graphically coherent.

Depending on the case, it's preferable to have an existing graphic charter, but this may not be compulsory.

At Xenesy, we offer visual identity creation services, so don't hesitate to tell us about your project and your needs during our discussions. 

What type of communication media do you offer?

We can create all types of communication media: Print & Web, including labels and product packaging.

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