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podcast personal life free


personal life

Family, friends, human relationships, what are the different types of interactions that exist in our world today?

Is and can our behavior be the same as 20 years ago?

How do we get away from the undesirable people in our lives and get closer to our convictions?

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podcasts professional issues training


professional issues

Employees, entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs? Does the mindset and psychological disposition have to be the same?

Is the "mindset" as important as we are led to believe?

Is training an end in itself to get what you want?

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podcasts financial management free


financial management

What is a budget? How to manage it? Is the investment mandatory?

Managing finances is a vague thing, however, there are some subtleties between a household budget and a business budget. 

However, the basis remains the same, to achieve positive profitability. 

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health & psychology podcast


health & psychology

Emotions, like money, are the sinews of war and are closely linked to it. 

Let's learn to understand them, and analyze their impact on our decisions and choices about our bodies and our health (physical and mental). 

How to find your way around and sort out? 

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podcast physique & esthétique free


physics & aesthetics

Let's see if themorning Are "routines" really important and real? 

How do we create a look and feel that meets OUR expectations? 

Let's analyze the influence of the world on the evolution of the human physique. 

Let's develop our capabilities in a simple and automated way.  

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